About us

About Us

Feeturre, provides a two-sided (buyers and sellers) web-based solution to a decades long problem for artists of limited market access, undefined talent values and inefficient payment methods by expanding the opportunity for all artists to connect directly with other artists for collaboration and commerce.

Secure Payment

Contract is right there on the spot, funds are held until receiving appropriate instructions, or until a particular condition has been met.

Buyers Come To You

Communicate, connect, and cooperate. Allowing focus on creation in multiple arts.

Upload Your Art

Manage your audio, video, influence, and documents all in one place.

Strike a Transaction

Have funds directly deposited into an account.

Feeturre creates a global marketplace for artists, influencers, and producers to

collaborate and conduct commerce in a safe and secure way. Today artists, producers and influencers have limited means to connect, unless they are a known commodity, with industry connections...and even less opportunity to ensure they get paid for their talent in the current Gig economy.

•Opens the global market (200M+ users) for a wider variety and more diverse set of talents - vocalists/ dancers/influencers/beat-sounds artist) who today have limited access to the market their talents – With Feeturre, now artists of all genres and all stature can connect, collaborate and can compete equally in this Skill for Hire economy.

Collaborate Easily

Own time, own schedule, remotely, choose who you work with, in your own way.

•While Feeturre disrupts the need for a traditional management/artist relationship, Feeturre also preserves the management/artist by offering managers back-office functionality that brings clarity and organization to their work - Management can track their artist’s performances, from jobs completed, to revenues earned, to upcoming bookings, etc., and management can receive their management fees and commissions directly through the Feeture Platform.

•Feeturre’s defined payment terms and secure payment portal takes the risk out of getting paid for the artist - Heretofore, artists and producers were often left standing while they waited for payment, in an industry that often lacks the discipline of timely secured payments.