Ambassador Partnership Checklist

Congratulations! You have been selected for the rare opportunity to become a brand ambassador for Feeturre, a collaboration marketplace for talent & artistry. Below is your checklist you must complete to become an eligible Brand Ambassador for Feeturre LLC. Our brand ambassadors are going to be rewarded!
“Your Talent is Worth a Fee!”

    Ambassador Application

    Fill out the Ambassador Application form on

    Sign & Welcome

    Docusign and complete the Ambassador Agreement that will be emailed to you from after you complete step 1 above.

    Profile Photo Upload

    Pick 1 Profile photo and upload the picture here
    Profile Picture Dimensions: 400x350

    Banner Photo Upload

    Pick 1 Banner photo and upload the picture here Banner Picture Dimensions: 1920x400
    (if you do not have photos in these dimensions, just provide the closest you can find and we will chop and re-size your photos)

    Video Introduction Upload

    You can record a video introduction and upload it to your Profile Page, this can be anything you want to say to potential buyers!
    Upload your Video Introduction here:

    Gather or Create & Upload Feeturres

    Decide what type of Feeturres you would like to sell on the platform. Ambassador’s typically have a minimum fulfillment of (3) exclusives and (3) leases for sale on the platform.

    You will receive an Approval email with your login details and you can upload the Feeturres as soon as you are approved. If you have ANY problems with uploading your own Feeturres, contact A-List Marketing or for help.

    Keep in mind, we are only requiring you to make more money! If your Feeturre marketplace is well diversified we have data that shows it will highly increase your sales. So please feel free to help us populate the site with as many Feeturres as you can possibly create!

    **Each Feeturre will have a cover photo or a video cover associated with it. This is very similar to album art.

    Account Approval Email

    Lookout for your email from that says:
    FeeturreAbassador Approval
    We will send you an email welcoming you to the Feeturre team and providing you with your login

    Review Definitions for Help

    Please review the Definitions and Creative Help info below to help you:

    Definitions & Creation Help


    the Artist/Seller is giving up a portion of the rights/publishing or all of the rights/publishing of the art to the Buyer. These portions can be outlined in the Feeturre upload and Terms and Conditions.

    Instant Download

    An Instant Download is when you are uploading an exclusive Feeturre that can be instantly downloaded by the buyer. You are not doing a work for hire; you already have the art created and are uploading it to our marketplace for instant download to the Buyer.

    Exclusive Collaboration

    An Exclusive Collaboration means you are retaining a portion of the rights/publishing of the art uploaded. The buyer must add you to the publishing for a specific percentage mandated when uploading the Feeturre to the marketplace.


    the Artist/Seller is renting their art for a certain number of plays or streams or usage to the Buyer. All leases are pre-populated in the marketplace and available for instant download for the Buyer. Only exclusives are gig for hire services.

    Types of Feeturres


    You can sell any type of original creation audio files on our platform. Ie: verses, hooks, bridges, melodies, talking, whispering, background vocals, kits, screams, moans, taglines, words, phrases.
    All of these can be sold for any type of instrumentation or vocal.
    Artists can sell instrument riffs, chords, or rhythms, breaks, etc.
    Play the guitar, violin, clarinet, drums, beats, literally ANY instrument or sound you can imagine can be uploaded.
    Producers can sell beats or instrumentals of all and any genres.
    Engineers can sell mixing or mastering as well.


    You can sell any type of Video that would go great in the industry from dancing, moving, shaking, breaking, any type of motion art that would go great with music or used in advertisements for videos.Producers can sell background footage or stingers and overlays.


    You can sell your likes, shares, follows, shoutouts, promotions, engagement, reviews, and you can sell it for any platform you wish. For example, you can say, I will Share your music on my twitter page or Soundcloud page. I will like you or follow you on your Instagram page etc. You can create a custom price for any type of promotion or engagement. What is your recommendation worth?

    **You can create Gig for Hire Feeturres where you are being hired to create something new from scratch. Or you can sell Feeturres in a Marketplace manner where they are pre-uploaded and instantly downloaded by the Buyer.

    You can also email the uploads to and in the Subject Line add your Artist Name


    Austin Hood – A List Marketing

    Casey Swift – Feeturre